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The Viceroy (feat. KXNG Crooked & Black Metaphor)

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I grab my hunting rifle then approach the culture
You now listening to a vulture poacher
I interstellar travel when my shows are over
Mobbin' through planets like the solar system's La Cosa Nostra
You can't get over these bars, you ain't close to closure
A supernova from here to the coast of Nova Scotia
This soldier told ya I astral project without a pose from Yoga
A cat on planet her smoking doja
Rest in peace on the sidewalks we pour the Henny
Went from the corner to the cornucopia blowing the horn a plenty
Never sold my soul for twenty
Turn my back on all the dead presidents like I'm a penny
You hear me
Man listen I'm on a damn mission
Only God's skies big enough to hold my ambition
Biblical man dripping in mad Christian Dior
Peddle to the floor as I'm sacrificing the Lamb's engine
I'm rap's henchman, I'm past ascension
My crass religion your bad intentions and rash decisions
Get your hat drenched in plasma
More sentences than a packed prison
I wrote this rap in a black prism
West Coast I throw it like I'm half bulimic
I can't believe I dropped out of school but I act collegiate
A man of secrets and mysteries like I'm back in Egypt
I lied about writing this rap I just had to think it

My stance I tweaked it to banish weakness that man's a beast
And no grandstanding, pedantic speeches your clan's defeated
Abandoned reason, I'm manic eatin', no man can see him
Alpha and omega the only answer or antecedent
Ranking now I thank my city and sponsors
For backing the creation of a hideous construct
Critics are daunted, this game has been really been conquered
They're screamin' It's alive, I'm a Frankensteinian monster
Gale force chorus, creating corpses with one breath
Like Oppenheimer's quote, it's official I am become death
Equipment, stick is vocal ballistics check out his rifle specs
Rap's Simo Hayha, welcome you to the sniper's nest
I'm quite sadistic, lycan vicious and psycho, twisted
Cuz pressure varies when legendary's in striking distance
Defying physics my righteous vision is psychic lifted
And despite the friction his might's explicit you're ripe for picking
Beneath the surface urges are murderous I'm predacious
A freak of nature, personage nurtured for devastation
Razing bars blazing hard could torch Earth honestly
Magmatic metaphors, scorched verse policy
Conceived on the Sun, the radiance match my say so
And this is not a track it's a radioactive payload
It's concentrated ancestral energy I exude
The cosmos is my stage and I still don't have enough legroom