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Watershed Moments (feat. Skyzoo)

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Presently gifted raps tis' season for Yuletide
My train of thought provided a scholarship for this full ride
You can hitch a lift with me, no toll or fair is necessary
Ebbs and flows are part of life, this message is the estuary
Watershed moments when rapping over teardrops
Evolution in between where pain starts and fear stops
So many pennies for my thoughts appraise my sense of worth now
Busted hydrant wishing wells praying I make the first round
Erstwhile, dreamstates ferried me over River Styx
God status imminent never pending or tentative
My Inner-strength when cornered trust that's usually when it doubles
Feeling Kweliesque, known to siphon beauty from the struggle
Turn houses of ill repute into humble abodes
They call this a gut check, i'm built to stomach the load
It's under control, locked, I don't bungle or fold
Son is a GOAT and never stopped, stumbled or froze
Divided the drain like how the title says
Parting seas I'm arguably the one that the light ahead
Is beaming from, aura alluded to what you need from son
Only call me son cause I'm kin to God when you reach for one
Up above, God level if we should be clear
Touching 40, seven up from my 33 year
Humble brag, 'cause my handle look like I'm 25
And my selfies look like I'm 23, what a time
What if I, took the advice of those who was celebrated
All the same ones who would kill to write what I lead the way with
All the shit I threw away is in their sweetest dreams
Picture them single entendre mu'fuckas leading me
Good is good, great is great, elite is elite though, it's a
Different type of language when 40 feet is a free throw
And there ain't a Rosetta Stone alive that can prepare you
Watershed moments for the shores bordering near you